Swimwear that combines a camisole top with a bikini bottom.
Example Citation:
All the new words entering dictionaries today are not from the computer industry or Wall Street. Swimsuit makers are doing their part. Take tankini. Two years ago, no one had heard the word. Now tankini is the universally accepted term for a two-piece swimsuit that includes a tank top and a briefer bottom. This year, the new buzzword is camikini — a combination of a camisolelike top with a bikini bottom.
—Linda Gillian Griffin, "What's hot at the beach? It's whatever suits you," The Houston Chronicle, May 25, 2000
Earliest Citation:
CAPTION: Jill Batelman (left) models an Anne Cole-designed tankini, while Katie Bennett (center) wears the ever-popular one-piece tank suit by Catalinee and Melissa Kise models a camikini, also by Anne Cole.
—Polly Rayner, "The two-for-one suit," Morning Call, February 18, 1999
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